WordPress tune-up

WordPress website tune-up

 We offer several monthly WordPress Care Plans that will keep your website running as fast and efficiently as possible.
But if you’d prefer to have your website checked and optimised as a one off service, the WordPress tune-up is perfect for you.

What’s included?

A WordPress tune-up includes the following:

  • Create a cloud backup of your website
  • Update WordPress
  • Update theme file
  • Update plugins
  • Security checks and malware scans
  • Performance checks & tweaks
  • Optimise all databases
  • Optimise and compress images
  • Remove post revisions
  • Remove any spam comments
  • Check for broken links or error pages
  • Run a page speed test
  • Provide a full report upon completion including any recommendations
A Website tune-up will increase the performance of your WordPress website


Note: Price is for one WordPress website only

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